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Mom Demands Answers After Her 1-Year-Old Was Beaten at Day Care

Photograph by Tiffany Griffin/GoFundMe

Only a few hours after dropping off her two sons at day care on Monday, Tiffany Griffin was summoned back. When the Indianapolis mom arrived again at Kiddiegarden, she found her 1-year-old, Jesse, scratched and bloody, his face incredibly swollen.

Griffin was so angry at Jesse's state that she punched the 22-year-old day care worker and started filming at the facility and again this morning in a Facebook livestream. (A heads up: The images of Jesse in those links are heartbreaking and hard to watch.)

The day care worker, who cared for multiple children (including Jesse) that day, said Jesse was attacked by a 2-year-old girl who also attended the day care. The owner of the Kiddiegarden day care, Haben Ghebremichael, also told the Associated Press that the toddler girl had blood on her hands afterwards, adding that "the extent of the injuries just blows our minds."

"We are deeply saddened about what took place yesterday afternoon to Jesse," Ghebremichael wrote in a statement on Facebook on Tuesday, which has since been deleted. "We at Kiddiegarden pride ourselves on not only providing quality service to families, but also providing a clean, safe and healthy environment for all of our children since we opened our doors three years ago. Kiddiegarden has never had any accusations of abuse or maltreatment from any of our children or parents. This was truly a sad, shocking and unfortunate event. We have been diligently working with law enforcement, child protective services, as well as state agencies on this matter."

But things don't add up for Griffin, who is demanding answers. The mom says she doesn't understand how a 2-year-old could do such damage, pointing out that the girl's mother didn't believe the toddler was capable of such aggression. Griffin questions why the police or ambulance wasn't called until the mom arrived and demanded it.

The mom is worried about leaving her kids in someone else's care again.

"I couldn't protect him and I was trying to do what's best for my kids, like going to the doctor, taking care of my health and going to school. I've been going to school for two years, and I just got him into day care just when I call myself getting stuff on track," she told Fox 59.

Authorities are still investigating the case, and no arrests have been made so far. However, Ghebremichael tells Fox 59 that the day care worker has been fired.

Image via GoFundMe for Jesse