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Never Lose a Toy Again!

Good news! You won't have to spend hours searching for your kid's favorite toy anymore. Oliba, a new smart toy tracker, is changing the tedious hide-and-seek game of mom versus toy.

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The machine-washable (hell yes), owl-face-shaped tracker uses Bluetooth 4.0 to help parents find that lovie and can be tied around the arm of a stuffed animal. You can have the app alert you if the plush is left behind 100 feet away, or locate the toy on a map in ultimate time-saving fashion. How did no one come up with this yet?!

The built-in nightlight and speakers makes Oliba's other features function as a bedtime buddy, too. Kids can choose from a library of stories and songs, or you can even record your own stories and lullabies. We're down for anything that will help get them to sleep.

Oliba, BPA-free and rechargeable through USB, currently costs between $35 and $49, depending on what early bird specials are still available through the Indigogo campaign (the time saved and having sanity restored is probably worth it).

Photograph by: Oliba

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