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Mislabeled Birth Control Pills Led to Over 100 Unplanned Pregnancies

Photograph by Flickr

It's kind of every woman's worst nightmare—thinking you're responsibly taking your birth control pills only to find yourself unexpectedly pregnant. Well, that's exactly what happened to at least 113 women in 28 states, thanks to some mislabeled packets of birth control pills.

Now the women affected by this error are suing the makers of the pill, Qualitest Pharmaceuticals. Millions of dollars in damages are being sought to cover the unexpected costs of delivering and caring for a baby, not to mention all of the additional costs that having a child adds on throughout the years.

The faulty pills were packaged in the wrong order; they were "rotated 180 degrees … reversing the weekly tablet orientation," according to the lawsuit. This meant that women were taking the sugar placebo pills, normally meant to be taken during the week of their periods, at the wrong time, increasing their changes of getting pregnant.

Before you start to panic, this was a packaging error that occurred years ago, which caused Qualitest to voluntarily recall eight brands of birth control pills back in September 2011.

Endo Pharmaceuticals, who owns Qualitest, provided a statement to ABC News stating, "Our commitment is to patient safety and we take product quality very seriously. ... There is no new or recent product recall. The recall that forms the basis of this suit was entirely voluntary and occurred more than four years ago in September 2011. The voluntary recall occurred based on an extremely small number of pill packs that were manufactured by an external contract manufacturer."

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