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Pregnancy Nose Is a Thing and Chrissy Teigen Says She Has It

Photograph by Broadimage/REX/Shutterstock

Pregnant women endure a lot of unexpected and weird symptoms when they are with child. Body temperatures fluctuate wildly, impressive chin hairs start sprouting and everything seems to swell. As Chrissy Teigen recently discovered, for some women, "everything" can include their nose.

The celeb mom, who is always real about motherhood and due to have her second child in June, was surprised by how big her nose has gotten since getting pregnant. She joked that her "nose has its own BMI" and wondered how it's possible for the nose to gain weight during pregnancy.

But Teigen wasn't the only one to experience "pregnancy nose." Other moms were happy to hear the symptom being discussed and found her tweet so relatable.

A swollen nose generally isn't something to be concerned about. Estrogen can swell the mucus membranes in your nose and often cause pregnancy rhinitis (that pesky and persistent runny or stuffy nose). The expansion of blood vessels and extra pressure can also result in more bloody noses for pregnant women (we know—it just keeps getting worse!). Water and fluid retention can also cause swelling, like what usually happens to many pregnant women's hands and feet or in more unusual places like the lips or ears.

Don't worry, though. Swelling is usually temporary and your face should be back to its original size before you nose it.

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