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Momma Grizzly Bear Gives Fishing Lesson

An Alaskan river set the scene for two cubs trying their best to catch some fish, but the task proved too difficult for the baby grizzly bears who couldn't do the deed quite like their mom.

Even with the momma grizzly showing her young time and again how to snag some delicious salmon, the cubs were having a tough go at it.

The stunning images, which were posted in the Daily Mail, were captured by amateur photographer Xen Riggs, 55, who was visiting Alaska from his home in Columbus, Ohio.

"I don't believe either of the cubs ever did actually catch a fish on their own," Riggs told the Daily Mail. "Mom would chase down a fish, which only took her a matter of seconds to do once she engaged in the chase, and as soon as she caught a salmon one of the cubs would immediately come over and steal it away from her."

Riggs added that, "I wondered why mom was so easily letting her catches go to the cubs when I realized it was intentional as she was teaching them how to fish."

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Images via Xen Riggs/Daily Mail

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