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Four Raccoons Caught Doing What?

Some masked bandits broke into an Oregon art gallery, but these weren't your average burglars.

As reported by FOX 12 News, when police rolled up on the scene, they were surprised to see four raccoons had found their way inside the premises. A passerby had tipped off the fuzz that the furry troublemakers were running amok.

Gallery owner Cris Torp said the raccoons live behind the store and would normally take the stairs right up to the top of the building and get in through the roof vents. But after sealing those vents, the crafty critters found another vent to get into the gallery. So they sealed that vent without realizing that the raccoons were already in the building. And being small animals, the trash pandas didn't set off the alarm.

"We were already in bed, came down and got this call," Torp told Fox 12 News. "They said it's going to be horrible because these raccoons are in the gallery."

Fortunately, the raccoons had simply "rearranged" some of the art. Torp said he was relieved that they didn't do more damage, as there is a lot of glass in the gallery that could have been broken.

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Image via FOX 12 News

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