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Kerry Washington Reveals How Being a Mom Has Changed Her

Photograph by Matt Baron

"Scandal" star Kerry Washington received the Giving Tree Award on Saturday from nonprofit organization Baby2Baby, where she revealed how being a mom has changed her.

"It just turns your world upside down in the most beautiful way," Washington tells "Entertainment Tonight" about being mom to 1-year-old daughter Isabelle. "So she makes me better, I hope, every day and I feel very lucky to be her mom."

Washington, who is married to NFL player Nnamdi Asomugha, was honored on Saturday for work with the nonprofit, which provides basic necessities such as clothing and baby gear to Los Angeles-area parents in need.

The actress, who plays Olivia Pope on "Scandal," championed the organization and how it has brought moms together.

"It's really useful when as moms we can just be honest about our process, because it's so challenging. And so I really love being a part of this community of moms in the world now where we get to share our experience in this magical adventure."

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