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'Doggles' Are Now a Thing

Dogs love being outside, but sometimes the sun isn't so kind to our dogs' eyes. That's where doggles come in handy. They protect your dog's peepers so that the outdoor fun doesn't become a health issue.

Enter RexSpecs. The brainchild of Aiden Doane, 31, and Jesse Emilo, 33, Rex Specs are the form-fitting eye protective gear for dogs, aka "doggles," you never knew your pup needed. As reported in the Daily Mail, the $79.95 specs have polycarbonate lenses and a soft foam frame that fits snugly on a dog's muzzle, allowing it to freely open its mouth.

"Rex Specs were developed because our dogs needed eye protection," Doane and Emilo said on their RexSpecs website. "Both of our dogs were diagnosed with conditions that can be made worse by extended exposure to the sun. After a failed search for a dog goggle that could handle our adventures, we created our own."

If you've ever worried that the sun is doing damage to your dog's eyes, doggles may be the solution you're looking for. But it's not just the sun that the product protects against. Dust and wind can also be a problem, and they're both no match for this innovative doggy design. Doggles are such a hit that even the U.S. military is reportedly on board with the product for its canines.

There's a good chance that your dog will do its best to shake off anything you try to put on its head, but the makers of the doggle insist that with a little training, your pooch will get used to the product. Currently, they're made for larger dogs, but a smaller version is in the works.

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Images via Rex Specs

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