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Why a Child Star Is Having 'The Talk' With Her Mom on Camera

Photograph by Getty Images

When you have a baby, you kind of think you're really going to rock the sex talk. After all, you have no shame. We're all sex-positive these days. There's tons of literature. The Talk is no problem!

Then the kids get older and you start to wonder, What exactly does talking to a kid about sex look and sound like?

Refinery 29 and Planned Parenthood teamed up for a series of videos. "Her Short," and the one with "Parenthood" star Mae Whitman, shows that sure, it can be awkward, but it's totally something that be done.

We learn Whitman called her mom right after she had sex for the first time. She could talk to her mom without fear or judgment, she says.

"Being a teenager and talking to your parents about sex can be extremely helpful and beneficial and sort of amusing and silly and fun," Whitman says.

We learn that Whitman and her mom had The Talk many times, actually. And lucky for Whitman. Her mom, older, wiser, would explain some of the non-obvious parts of sex, such as the definition of a "hard-on."

Musick tells her daughter, "It's so important to keep those lines of communication open and it's hard to do."

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