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Two-Legged Rescue Puppy Gets a Set of Wheels

Things are looking up for a disabled pooch now that he has a new set of 3-D wheels to roll around on.

Tumbles is a two-legged shelter pup who was the runt of his litter and not feeding well until he was rescued at two weeks of age by Friends of the Shelter Dogs in Athens, Ohio. Soon after his rescue, a volunteer posted his story on Facebook, and his cause was taken up by the Ohio University Innovation Center, as reported by ABC News. At the Innovation Center, there is a 3-D printer that was used to create a set of wheels for Tumbles to roll around on.

"Our main goal [was] to get him off the ground," Joe Jollick, lab director of the Innovation Center, said about fitting Tumbles for his wheelchair. "The second thing is to get him used to it."

For now, Tumbles is trying his best to adapt to his new set of wheels. Karen Pilcher, the pup's foster mother, said, "His spirit is incredible. He's perfectly happy and he loves to play."

Lucky for Tumbles, the Innovation Center isn't done. Not only will he be fitted with new wheels for the rest of his life, but he'll be getting a second fitting soon for a new design that includes a chair with smaller training wheels.

Tumbles will undergo physical therapy to acclimate to his new mobile lifestyle. In the meantime, Pilcher says that Tumbles "gets around really good" and is even starting to hop.

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Images via ABC News/Crystal Richmond

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