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Sleep-Deprived Dad Sings the Anthem of Parents Everywhere

We've all been there: You're finally sinking into the couch after getting the last kid to bed when you hear the horrific sound of a bedroom door opening.

"Mommy, I'm still hungry."

"Daddy, I'm thirsty."

And so you walk them back to bed, only to have it start all over again ... and again and again, until all the soul has been sucked out of you and you can't do anything but silently rage at the sleep gods.

Well, dad of three Reed Verdesoto can relate. Two sleepless nights filled with a million excuses was all it took to spark some creative inspiration for the exhausted musician. Verdesoto took the song no one can get out of their head, Walk the Moon's "Shut Up and Dance" and turned it into THE song for frustrated parents everywhere.

"Shut Up and Go to Sleep" hits all the highlights of the bedtime battle with genius lines like "Read your favorite story, turned on your nightlight, and you have to get up for school at seven, it's quarter past eleven."

And the infectious chorus is even better in the parody version: "Oh don't you dare get up / no you don't have to pee / she said I want a drink / I said, 'Shut up and go to sleep.'"

So as you're walking your kid back to bed for the upteenth time tonight, try singing them this instead. At the very least, it'll make you smile instead of wanting to tear your hair out—and that's a dream come true.

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Photograph by: YouTube

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