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This New Lego Slipper Is Every Parent's Dream

Legos are a mom's worst nightmare. Often, we'll walk across the room just to find a stray plastic brick jammed into our foot and end up cursing these tiny blocks for hours (Why do you have to bring such joy to our kids?!). Some of us even hate this more than lice (yes, lice) while others continue to try to solve the "Lego problem" with ideas like the Lay-n-Go (a contained and transportable pad you lay under the kids before they play).

Well, 1,500 lucky people will be thanking the toy gods this holiday. Lego and the French advertising agency Brandstation have created special Lego slippers in hopes of stoping the torture.

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According to the blog Piwee, the slippers will be released limitedly in France and randomly distributed to people who fill out a Christmas wish list. (Please let this be real!)

Brandstation recently shared a video on the making of these special slippers. The iconically colored red and yellow slippers have memory foam padding designed to prevent pain.

Meanwhile everyone around the world will have to wait and see if one day, we too will be lucky enough to walk around our homes pain-free. For now, we'll just have to laugh the pain away.

Photograph by: Lego/Brandstation/Piwee

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