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C-Section Moms Rejoice! These Undies Were Made Just for You

Photograph by Twenty20

Having a child forces a woman's body to do things she never thought possible. Aside from watching her belly inflate like a hot air balloon, an expectant mother is forced to endure all sorts of pain and discomfort as she makes room for Baby.

Still, most women don't mind adjusting their bodies for a few months because it means their fetus is growing, but what happens when the doctor recommends performing a C-section?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 32 percent of women in the U.S. have gone under the knife to deliver their newborn by Cesarean for one reason or another. Though the procedure is common and the risks are relatively low, the cramping, bleeding and pain afterward is another story.

Wouldn't it be nice if they made postpartum underwear that helped with C-section recovery?

Catherine Brooks, occupational therapist, "mompreneur" and inventor of UpSpring's C-Panty, saw a need for postpartum underwear after undergoing an emergency C-Section of her own. Worried that other moms might not be getting the rest (and support) they needed after surgery, she designed an all-in-one solution for C-section recovery.

C-Panty is made of nylon and spandex with a medical-grade silicone panel woven into each pair.

Why the silicone? Brooks says it provides safe levels of targeted compressions to minimize scarring and infection, reduce swelling and itchiness, support weakened muscles and help a woman’s body heal faster.

Best of all, these high-waisted (or low, depending on your mood) gems are hook-, strap- and Velcro-free, making it easy for Mom to conceal any C-section bulges while keeping her comfortable throughout the day.

“If you had knee surgery, the skin closes in seven to 10 days, but you wouldn’t be ‘back to normal’–you’d be hobbling about with a brace on,” Brooks shared in a statement to Mom.me. “But moms are up being moms, focusing on the baby, not on the surgery.”

Brooks, along with her colleagues at UpSpring, recently expanded their brand to meet the health needs of all women, not just those with a bun in the oven. Their product line, which includes everything from prenatal vitamins to belly wraps, just added a post-op panty to their portfolio—similar to C-Panty, but designed for hysterectomy and lower abdominal surgery recovery. Of course, they can also be worn after giving birth at Mom's discretion.

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