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This Cat Is Scared of What?

It doesn't seem like a cucumber could ever be scary, but for Marius the cat, the green veggie is downright frightening.

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As he's enjoying his meal, Marius' owner places a cucumber behind him and waits for the feline to notice. But the cat's reaction is quite unexpected as he jumps up and scrambles away as quickly as possible. Cat=0; Cucumber=1.

But before you scramble to find a cucumber to introduce to your cat, think twice. The cat is probably scared of it because it thinks it's a snake, according to CBCNews.

"What I actually worry about is long-term psychological problems. Some cats are quite delicate," said Lara Chan with the Calgary Cat Clinic. "We get quite fixated on cats being predators. But cats are also prey animals, they're quite small. So they could fall victim to a snake."

So it's best to keep cucumbers or anything else they might be afraid of away from your cat—especially in your home, where it's supposed to feel safe. And if you've already spooked your cat by a cucumber, don't do it again.

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Image via AOLon Video

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