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The Girls' Night We Would Have Joined in a Heartbeat

Girls' nights out are few and far between when you're a mom, but if you tell us it's with Adele, Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone? We'll come running—sleep-deprived or not. There's no question.

The trio was spotted on Monday night at Cosme, a fancy Mexican eatery in Manhattan. And we're pretty excited to see these celeb crushes hanging out.

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Adele joined J.Law and Emma Stone after taping her segment for "The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon." She blew our minds with her beautiful recent video "Hello," and her new album "25" was released on Friday and already sold a record 2.3 million copies in the U.S.

J.Law's "Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2" dominated the box office as the year's fifth biggest opening. She also got real in a letter penned in "Lenny" last month, calling out the Hollywood Wage Gap.

And Emma Stone was on this past weekend's "Saturday Night Live" skit of a fake "Star Wars" audition. She auditioned for the role of Rey and took the chance to mock her casting in "Aloha" saying, "I know the 'Star Wars' universe is very diverse. I don't know if you saw the movie 'Aloha,' but I can play a very convincing part-Asian woman."

Meanwhile, we'll be waiting for that call for the next girls' night out. You won't forget about us next time will you, Adele? (We probably won't admit that we must've called a thousand times.)

Photograph by: Getty Images

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