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Teacher Schools Bigoted Mom in the Best Way

Photograph by Facebook

When Michael Neri received a text from the mother of two of his students, he stewed for a couple of hours before responding. Neri, who runs Talking Props Theatre School near Birmingham, England, in addition to working a full-time job, needed some time to think how he'd respond.

He nailed it:

When Neri first received the text, he had to think about whether to reply. He said he was inspired by the reply a photographer sent to a customer who didn't like that he also took jobs capturing the happiness and love in images at same-sex weddings. The photographer sent the client's non-refundable $1,500 retainer to GLAAD, a group that supports gay rights.

Neri told Mic that he started his theatre school last year to give kids in his hometown a chance to study drama in a place he never had when he was growing up. He said drama would have allowed him to flourish as a young kid. He knows that he's helping other children find their own voices and build their confidence.

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