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Are Dogs Always Hungry?

Dog eating from bowl
Photograph by Getty Images/Comstock Images

Some dogs seem like living garbage disposals. Even if you've just fed your pooch, it'll still come to the dinner table and beg for your meal. So what gives? Turns out, dogs always appear hungry because they are honing in on some basic instincts.

According to Petfinder.com, dogs' ancestors were scavengers that learned to binge eat, stuffing in as much food as possible because they were unsure when and where their next meal was coming from.

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But scavenging and binge eating can be problematic for dogs, especially when they constantly have their noses to the ground, looking for any scrap or morsel they can scarf down. Discarded food can cause trouble in a canine's GI tract, especially things like rotten food or cooked chicken bones. So how do you keep your dog from dining on stuff that it smells out on the ground, or in your trash can?

Food waste at home should always be keep in a covered waste receptacle. That's the easy part. It's when taking Fido outside that it's more difficult to control what your dog spontaneously nibbles on.

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Petfinder.com recommends that you bring treats along on your walks and call your dog's name so that when the animal looks at you, you give it a treat. Soon your dog will get in the habit of looking up your way, associating you with delicious food, and also pay less attention to the sidewalk (and the scraps of food that may be discarded on it).

This may not stop your dog from begging under the dinner table, but it can help stop your pup from picking up yucky edibles on your daily walks. And even though your dog still may beg, at least you know that it's doing what comes natural, and that the animal isn't actually starving. Don't let that pooch fool you!

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