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DIY Computer Screens For Kids Are a Smart Gift Idea This Holiday

Parents aiming to give their children an educational advantage will be delighted to know that a Learn-to-code startup called Kano now offers a DIY screen kit to teach children as young as six how to build their own computer screen.

Priced at $129, the 10.1-inch HD display screen kit will serve as a complement to the keyboard plus Raspberry Pi DIY computer kit that Kano also offers. Children who use the DIY tech builder kits will become familiar with the process of putting the hardware of a computer screen together, by following a step by step guide told through a storybook.

More than 2600 parents have ordered the screen kits since September, according to TechCrunch.

The screen kit can plug into any HDMI device was created as a plug and play system that is easy for children to manage alone. It also includes a magnifying glass so kids can examine the components and pixels as they play and learn.

Once the child has successfully connected all of the pieces of the kit, a driver board, LCD panel, programmable buttons, a base and stand and plug-and-play cables, they will have a working display for their Kano computers.

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