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Ricky Martin Is Team Hillary

Photograph by Getty Images

It's official, Ricky Martin is Team Hillary and not afraid to tweet about it. Martin tweeted his support for the Democratic presidential front-runner in both English and Spanish.

We were pretty sure the Ricky Martin's endorsement for Hillary Clinton was on its way because the Puerto Rican singer was quoted as saying, "Our community has been continuously attacked by Donald Trump and other Republican presidential candidates. A few months ago I raised my voice against Trump's hateful rhetoric and standing with me was Hillary Clinton. Time after time, Hillary has shown her commitment to the Latino community and that is why I'm proud to support her and to stand with her because [she's with us and our families]."

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But Martin didn't just endorse Clinton — he went as far as calling her a "Latina at heart." If that's not a ringing endorsement or a Latino stamp of approval, then we don't know what is.

The endorsement was perfectly timed, as it came out just before a Clinton event in Orlando, Fla. and is sure to drum up excitement in an area that has a large contingency of Latino voters. Florida has the third-largest Hispanic population in the U.S., after California and Texas; about 24 percent of the state's total population identifies as Latino. According to Pew Research, Florida's Latino voters have historically voted Republican due to the state's conservative Cuban voting bloc. However, if current trends continue, not only will Hispanic voters make up a larger share of the battleground state's registered voters than in any previous election but they also account for a 72 percent growth in the number of registered Democrats between 2006 and 2014, says Pew.

Ricky Martin is certainly not the only famous Latino to cast favorable attention on Clinton, either. On Oct. 2, Marc Anthony pulled Hillary Clinton up on stage with him during a concert in Miami and the crowd went wild. It has also been reported that America Ferrera donated $2,700 to Clinton's campaign, which is the maximum amount that an individual can contribute to a campaign.

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