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Hoverboard Explodes, Setting Louisiana Home on Fire

Jessica Horne, a Louisiana mom, bought a hoverboard for her 12-year-old son. This futuristic skateboard is powered by lithium batteries. The device allows riders to stand and balance themselves, moving swiftly without pushing or pedaling while steering the device with their feet.

Just one day after he opened his prized gift, he was charging the electronic toy, when sparks began to fly, setting the house on fire.

"It was like fireworks," Jessica Horne told WGNO. "The middle part of the board—just 'poof.'" Jessica said the fire was so intense that within minutes the house was scorched by flames. The family escaped unharmed.

The hoverboard is reported to have been shipped by a company called "Fit Turbo" on

The Consumer Product Safety Commission told WGNO that there have eight reported injuries involving hoverboards in the last three months. All of those injuries, which required trips to the emergency room, were related to falls—not fires.

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