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Mother Donates 92 Gallons of Breast Milk After Losing Son

Amy Anderson was pregnant with her third child when she learned that he had died in utero due to an infection. After she delivered him at 20 weeks, her body responded as though she had given birth to a healthy child and she began producing breast milk.

Her doctors advised her to bind her breasts and take Sudafed to stop the natural lactation process but she had second thoughts. After an online search she learned that breast milk was nutritious for premature babies and there was a need for donations. She opted to express her breast milk in honor of the son she lost.

"Pumping milk in Bryson's memory felt so very right. All life has meaning, and my son's life was no different. I decided to embrace his life's purpose," she told Philly Voice.

Eight months later, after working with the Mothers' Milk Bank Northeast and Mother's Milk Bank of Ohio, Amy celebrated producing 92 gallons of breast milk. Her donated milk has been shipped from Maine, where she lives with her family, to children in five different states and three countries.

"It really was off the charts how phenomenal his milk was. I pumped for eight months to the day," she said. "Just imagine how many lives his nearly 92 gallons of milk saved!"

These days Amy volunteers online for Mothers' Milk Bank Northeast (MMBNE) while working toward completing her certification as a breastfeeding consultant.

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