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Watch Santa Do the Sweetest Thing for a Little Girl

One Santa just made Christmas a whole lot merrier!

When a little girl sat on Kris Kringle's lap at the Cleveland Center in Middlesbrough, England, she and her mother got a lovely surprise from the jolly old man himself.

"What do you want for Christmas?" Santa Claus asked the little girl, who at first seemed more keen to jump off of his lap.

"Sorry, she can't talk very well," the little girl's mother is heard saying in a video, explaining that she has a hard time speaking.

That's when this Santa Claus does something amazing.

"Can she sign at all?" he asks her mother, who says that the little girl can sign "animals and things like that."

So Santa then uses sign language to communicate with the little girl, who then uses her hands to tell him exactly what she wants: a scooter.

Nice job, Santa Claus!

And apparently that's not the only other language he knows.

Mark Pinder, the man filming the video, told the Daily News that this Santa Claus has been saying various pleasantries in other languages, too—including Russian and Chinese.

Merry Christmas, indeed.

Image via YouTube

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