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Mom Claims 6-Year-Old Son Was Attacked by Another Parent

Photograph by Aisha Diin

Imagine how you’d feel if another child’s parent physically assaulted your child at school. That’s what one mother claims happened to her 6-year-old son earlier this month, and now she’s looking for answers.

"My son was attacked on school property by another parent," Washington, D.C., mom Aisha Diin wrote on Facebook, also claiming the school staff wanted to downplay the situation.

Photograph by Aisha Diin

Diin told Fox 5 that she noticed scratches on her son's face in two places when she picked him up from school on May 11. According to the mother (who was told by another), somebody “had passed gas” in Yosef’s classroom earlier that day and he sprayed Febreze, which ended up getting on another student. That's what allegedly triggered the attack.

Later that day, Dinn’s son, a first-grade student at Drew Elementary School in Washington, D.C., was pushed to the ground by another parent on the playground.

“She picked me up by my neck, threw me on the ground, scratched my face up," Yosef told reporters.

Diin said she was surprised to find her son with two Band-Aids on his face that afternoon.

“I had to put the rage aside because I wanted to know where the parent was," she said.

When she found out the parent wasn’t there, she dug a little deeper and asked administrators where the police were.

Diin claims they told her, “We didn’t call the police."

Wondering why nothing had been done to hold the woman (who allegedly attacked her son) accountable for her actions, Diin pressed administrators to find out why no one had contacted police. She was told that "it was the principal’s decision."

Na’imah Salahuddin, the school's principal, argues otherwise, stating the school did contact authorities and backed her claim by sharing a letter with Fox 5 that was sent home to parents that day:

“Dear Drew Elementary School Parents and Families,

"At Drew Elementary School, the well-being of our students is important to us. Communicating home about issues that arise during the school day is key to being good partners to our families.

"Last week, an unfortunate incident occurred at our school involving a parent and a student. Our administrative team immediately followed security protocols by contacting the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD), who arrived quickly to collect a report of the incident and launch their proceedings.

"I want to assure you that the safety of our students is our top priority and we take all incidents very seriously. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via phone at (202) 671-6040 or email at naimah.salahuddin@dc.gov.

"Thank you for your continued support of Drew Elementary School.”

Though D.C. police are investigating and, according to Diin, have arrested the mother, Diin said she is committed to making sure the incident is not “swept under the rug” and hopes nothing like this will ever happen again—to her son or anyone else's.

"This experience has traumatized my family but has inspired me to become more involved in my kid's school," Diin told Mom.me. "I plan to start a support group for other kids who are being bullied or attacked. I don't want kids or parents to lose their voice on such issues."

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