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Stepmother Arrested After Boy Found Walking to School Alone

A woman in Wallingford, Conn., was arrested for risk of injury to a minor after her 8-year-old stepson was spotted walking alone along a busy road to school.

Police officers responded to a call from a local business owner, who saw the boy walking along the road while "carrying a small backpack," according to MyRecordJournal.com.

Once the officers found the boy, he said that he had missed the bus and was walking to his school, which was about two miles from his bus stop.

The officers then drove the boy to school and then visited his home to speak with his stepmother, Maria Hasankolli, who was asleep at the time.

When asked if she knew where her stepson was, Hasankolli answered that he was downstairs, according to the site, upon which point the officers explained that he was found walking alone.

Hasankolli was then arrested and the situation reported to the Department of Child and Families.

Many parents have rushed to defend Hasankolli, commenting that lots of children have walked to school by themselves and that he was simply making an independent choice.

Others have commented that it was irresponsible for Hasankolli to not even know the whereabouts of her stepson.

Writing in to Reason.com after her December 2 court date, Hasankolli wrote that her charge "carries with it a ten year sentence, five thousand dollar fine and five years probation."

"Thank you all for your support and words of encouragement," she continued. "I'll keep you informed as I go. Perhaps someone reading is struggling my struggle and will find comfort knowing they're not alone."

What do you think about Hasankolli's arrest?

Image via MyRecordJournal.com/Wallingford Police Department

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