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Should This Yearbook Photo Have Been Banned?

A dad in North Dakota is furious over Fargo North High School's decision to ban his son's yearbook photo submission. The photo showed senior Josh Renville toting his favorite rifle, which he put together himself.

After talking to the school's principal, dad Charlie Renville wasn't satisfied and took to Facebook, calling for principal Andy Dahlen to be fired.

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In the Facebook post, Charlie questioned how the photo is any different from pictures of soldiers in war, hunting books and trap and skeet teams.

"I see a kid that loves his nation, loves free speech and loves the 2nd Amendment," wrote Charlie.

"So begins the fight for freedom. We are only as strong as our weakest link!" Charlie ended.

Principal Dahlen said the school is just following school policies that ban the carrying of weapons on school property, prohibits publishing materials in school-sponsored media "that violates federal or state law, promotes violence or terrorism or other illegal activity," and bans clothing that advertises or promotes weapons.

"It's the combination of those three policies that we've interpreted to prevent it," Dahlen said. He also told WDAY-TV, "Whether or not I agree or disagree with it is really immaterial."

"This is the straw that broke the camel's back," Charlie said. "He's been picking on my family for years for our political and religious beliefs."

Charlie has been a member of the Air National Guard for 30 years and his son will be enlisting at the end of the month.

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This controversy comes during a time of heightened attention to mass shootings, terrorist attacks and other gun violence. Nineteen of the deadliest mass shootings in the United States happened in the last five years.

Photograph by: Facebook/Charlie Renville

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