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Chocolate Lovers, Christmas Came Early This Year

Grilled cheese and pancakes just got better. A Japanese company is now selling individually wrapped slices of milk chocolate. Yes, chocolate. Slices. Think Kraft Singles but a rich and creamy, sweet alternative that any kid will eat up.

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Bourbon, the confectionary brand behind the product, is now selling the sliced chocolate (12 packages of 5 slices) for ¥3,240, or about $27, online and in Japanese supermarkets. The slices are made with nama chocolate—a pretty legendary, thick and creamy chocolate in Japan.

There are so many breakfast and dessert recipes we're so excited to try. Elevate any plain dish easily by layering the chocolate in a crepe, on fruit or even on sliced bread.

Actually, this just might be the best thing since sliced bread.

Photographs by: Bourbon

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