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Father-Sons Reunion a Bright Spot in Crisis

Though it's only become a consistent headline for the past few months in the U.S., the Syrian refugee crisis has been dividing families and putting people's lives at risk for years. Every day brings a new story of sadness and tragedy regarding what's happening to the people of Syria.

Lately, there's been some good news, especially out of Canada. Last week, recently elected Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau greeted a family of Syrians who will resettle in his country.

In British Columbia, a news team captured images of a father, long a resident in the western Canadian providence, with his two eldest sons. He'd been separated from them for 15 years.

Mamon Alhomsi paced the arrivals gate, along with his two young children, waiting for Yaseen and Majd to walk through. All three are overcome with emotion in their tearful reunion. Eventually, Mamon introduces them to their two younger siblings, who were born in Canada and are the age the now-grown Alhomsi boys were when they became separated from their father.

Alhomsi, the father, escaped to Canada after he was targeted and jailed for his political activism. The Syrian government held the sons accountable instead.

"Yaseen was kidnapped by the regime," Alhomsi told CTV reporters through a translator. "He was put in prison for about eight months until he was released under international pressure."

Alhomsi thought he'd be able to bring the boys to Canada many years sooner. He credits Trudeau and the new Liberal government for the fact that Yaseen and Majd were finally in his arms.The two are among at least 300 Syrian refugees expected to have arrived in British Columbia over the weekend.

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