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When Hipster Preschoolers Name Babies

Photograph by Twenty20

It's bad enough when people let children name pets. ("Maxy named our new kitten 'Cat.' Isn't that cute?" No.)

But it could be even worse. For instance, letting them name the baby.

Reddit contributor MegPie_01 recently posted that her pregnant cousin, a preschool teacher, asked students to make suggestions for the baby's name. Per the poster, "it went well."

Kids were asked to guess whether the baby would be a boy or girl. Then, the child offered a name.

Sure, Mason suggested "Sawyer" and Allie thought maybe "Bella." Nora was into "Gracie" and Maddie said to go with "Lucy."

But then Zayda got all literal with "Tiny." And Easton confused familial roles and suggested "Mama." Nolan B. misunderstood the project, maybe, when he went and suggested "Balloon." Owen definitely did, as he recommended "Cindy Elf."

Then shit got weird. Grace said, "Dog." (See? Not cute.) Lily said, "Strawberry." Evan: "Potato." Easton must have influenced Jameson, who liked "Grandma" for the baby.

And Karch? Karch was cold. Karch was like that baby doesn't even need a name or something.

Reese's suggestion of "Assie" pretty much shut down the naming exercise.

Photograph by imgur

We recommend Megpie_01's cousin just confer with family from now on.

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