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Frozen Kitten Brought Back to Life

When the Bingham family woke up Thanksgiving morning to newly fallen snow at their Garden City, Utah rental lodge, they immediately bundled up and headed outside. Just a few minutes in, Branden Bingham's oldest son literally stumbled onto something they couldn't believe.

A young kitten, who had frozen to death. Branden called his animal-loving brother Justin Bingham over, who picked up the white snowball kitten, who was lying face down in the snow, and immediately got to work.

Justin, who had taken some pre-veterinary classes, rubbed the kitten with his hands and felt for a pulse. He wrapped his fingers around the kitten's back and, using his them, administered CPR by pumping its tiny heart with his thumb.

Justin continued, bringing the baby cat inside. Standing next to the fireplace, he worked on the cat for at least an hour. Branden caught what happened next on camera.

The kitten came back to life.

The kitten's previously dilated eyes were now an icy blue. He began moving around and, as Justin told ABC News, acting "rambunctious."

Meanwhile, Branden, who had taken the kids outside to play in snow away from the potentially tragic scene, returned with the kids. They couldn't believe what they saw.

A family cousin named him Lazarus, but the kids insisted he be called "Olaf," after the snowman from Disney's "Frozen." Lazarus-Olaf now lives with Branden, his wife and kids. He says you can call the kitten whatever you want—it's basically a miracle he's alive to be called anything.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Branden Bingham/YouTube

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