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Child's Sweet Gesture for Dad Takes a Gross Turn

Parents do a lot of crazy things for their kids. Sometimes they don't even know it.

A new viral video of a father and son can attest to that. The clip will make you laugh (or maybe cry) because it's just so, so true. There are some universal parenting woes we just can't avoid.

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The little boy in the video, which currently has almost 13 million views on Facebook, is hands down the sweetest kid as he offers his dad cup after cup of water. I mean, way to practice giving and kindness, right?

"Daddy doesn't want to drink anymore," the father says in Mandarin. "This is the last one, OK?" But his son isn't taking no for an answer.

When the dad goes to look for the little boy later, he finds out just where his water has been coming from. But we'll leave that as a surprise.

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