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Mom Changes Tattoo to Support Transgender Son

More than 10 years ago, Lindsay Peace, a mom in Calgary, Alberta, got a tattoo portrait of all three of her children. As her children grew up, she noticed that one of the tattoos no longer fit with her child's evolving identity so she decided to make an adjustment, with the help of her tattoo artist/husband Steve Peace.

Lindsay's daughter, Ace Peace, is now 15 and recently told his parents that he identifies as a boy.

"When people came up to us asking about the tattoos, we'd realize one didn't match, and it was just an uncomfortable situation," Steve told ABC News. "She thought about covering it, but I said, 'Hey, I'll just change the clothing and give it a haircut!'"

Steve updated the tattoo this past summer, changing the girl on his wife's arm into a boy.

"We decided to surprise Ace with it, and when he saw it, he loved it," Steve said. "I think it really confirmed for him that his parents were behind him and that his identity as a trans boy is real."

Both parents educated themselves about transgender issues and noticed that their son Ace "become happier and happier" with every step he took to affirm his identity as a boy.

After posting a photo of the new tattoo on Facebook, the photo went viral, with many parents applauding them for their support of their child.

"Now, we have quite a few people coming up to us or calling us telling us they had negative feelings about trans people at first and then saying, 'Holy Cow! I was wrong all this time!'" Steve said. "We're happy that the tattoo has taken off and helped opened some people's eyes and educated them to the issues trans people and kids face."

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