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Mom Makes Basketball Shot, Gets Amazing Reward

One Minnesota mom surprised herself and a gymnasium full of students and teachers when she landed a half-court shot during a fundraiser.

Angela Ramey of Bloomington, Minn., had joined her daughter at school to pack meals for families in need on December 4, when her unlikely basket earned her tuition for a half-year (about $4,000) at her daughter's private school.

"I looked at the ball. I looked at the ground. I dribbled once. I closed my eyes, and I said a quick prayer," Ramey told NBC News affliate KARE.

Ramey's daughter Grace had won a competition for raising $1,200 for the organization Kids Against Hunger, which provides meals to families. That money went toward packing meals at Grace's school on December 4, when they packed a staggering 41,000 meals.

Grace's prize for raising the most money? Three shots at half-court for a chance to win a break in tuition.

While Grace and her mom missed the first two shots, Angela tried again for the third. She swung the basketball underhanded, launching it across the court yet missing the basket. However, after the ball bounced, it landed in the hoop, causing the gym to erupt in screams and applause.

As someone who did not grow up wealthy, Angela said she understood the difficulties of living as a family in need of food.

"[The project] brought me back to my childhood and what my mother went through to provide for me and my brother," Angela told NBC News. "Being able to [pack meals] that day was such a gift."

Image via NBC News/Bethany Academy

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