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Mom's Clever Hack Will Help the Medicine Go Down

Photograph by Caryl Mayes

Coaxing children to take their medicine can feel like you're fighting a losing battle. Mom Caryl Mayes experienced this firsthand when both of her 19-month-old twin boys, Lucas and Theo, came down with tonsillitis and refused to take their antibiotics. (Yeah, she had to get TWO toddlers to take their medicine!)

Lucas and Theo used to take their medication without struggle, but for the past week, it has been "an absolute mission and a battle three times a day to get this antibiotic down them," Mayes told The Motherload.

The mom tried hiding the medicine in a banana milkshake and in applesauce. But no matter what she tried, her keen kids knew what dear mom was up to.

Mayes pushed her parenting creativity to the limit and realized that, hey, her twins love drinking things through a straw. So, she made a pretend juice box by cutting a hole in the antibiotic's cardboard box (though you can use any juice box, which might help with the disguise), poked a straw through the hole, poured her kid's dose in the medicine's cap and placed the cap at the bottom of the straw.

Photograph by Caryl Mayes

What medicine? This is just a regular ol' juice box.

Mayes shared her hack on the Motherload's Facebook group, where it got thousands of reactions and comments within hours. You can keep your spoonful of sugar, Mary Poppins.

Mayes told Mom.me that she devised the trick near the end of her kids' antibiotics course, and it worked for those two days. If she ever needs to get her boys to take their medicine again, she'll turn to the juice box hack while she can. Thank goodness toddlers can't read yet!

P.S. If you're wondering how to get babies to take their medicine, another mom has just the hack for you.

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