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Mom Finds Stranger Claiming Her Daughter Is His on Facebook

When Dallas mom Danica Patterson received screenshots of images of her 4-year-old daughter posted on a stranger's Facebook page, she was scared.

"It was my daughter! All over his page," Danica told CBSDFW. "It's scary. That's the only thing I can really say—it's scary."

A strange man from New York had somehow found the pictures of Danica's daughter and was passing her off as his child.

The photos he posted were accompanied by heartfelt comments.

"Y'all can't say [my] daughter not [my] twin," one comment read.
"[My] daughter [sic]gunna break y'all sons [sic] hearts …" read another.

When Danica tried to report the photos to Facebook, she was informed that his profile met with community standards and would not be suspended. She soon learned that under Texas law, impersonating someone is a crime but pretending to be a member of someone's family is not a crime.

"Facebook sees no problem with this man pretending this little girl is his," Danica said.

John Browning, an attorney specializing in social media, called the crime "digital kidnapping."

"It's occurring nationwide. And it's, sadly, creepy but not directly illegal," he said.

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