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Is 'Mumpathy' the Latest British Invasion?

When it comes to commiserating with other women about #momlife, the British have come up with the perfect term—"mumpathy, or "mompathy" (to us Yanks).

In an essay calling out all of the things moms have to contend with after the birth of their beloved children—lack of sleep, weak pelvic floors and changing diapers all. the. time—writer Laila K. explains that it's amazing to have other women who get where you're coming from, which most likely is the bleary-eyed darkness of the nursery.

Hence the term "mumpathy."

While K. admits that the phrase "sounds a little like an easily contracted childhood illness," it's "a neat word for that little nod of recognition you get from other parents which, on a bad day, makes you feel a bit less nutty."

And while she doesn't plan to constantly dwell on all of the negative aspects of parenting, she says that opening up about the challenges helps those moms who are up with their crying infant, clicking through Facebook posts and celebrity stories—those women who might not care about how your 18-month-old is speaking three languages and rocking differential calculus. Just sayin'.

The positive things she does list about the future—your child can bring you stuff, they can also be funny—well, we get those, too.

Image via Twenty20/twinshenanigans

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