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Armed Forces Create #IWillProtectYou Hashtag to Comfort Scared Child

Melissa Chance Yassini shared a post on Facebook describing how her 8-year-old daughter Sofia had packed a bag in case soldiers came to remove their family from their home, as a reaction to Donald Trump's plan to ban Muslims.

"She checked the locks on the door 3-4 times. This is terrorism. No child in America deserves to feel that way," Melissa wrote on Facebook.

Yassini's post was shared more than 20,000 times, prompting the media to reach out to her.

When Kerri Peek, an Army veteran, heard about Sofia's fears, she was especially moved.

"I was up all night, it bothered me," Peek told ABC News. "I'm a mom, for mother to mother … I know you want to protect your children from everything."

Peek sent a photo of herself in uniform to Sofia with words of comfort but felt she should do more. She invited her friends, other military service members and veterans, to continue to send Sofia messages of support by creating the hashtag "#iwillprotectyou."

"Post a picture of you in uniform with the hashtag '#IWillProtectYou' to let these children know that we will not hurt them. That they are safe here in America," Peek wrote on Facebook.

Peek said she has now received hundreds of messages from people who shared their fears over discrimination or who pledged to support others' freedom of religion.

According to Peek, Sofia's mom reached out to her to let her know that she has been reading the posts with the '#IWillProtectYou' hashtag to her daughter and she says she feels better now that she knows she is a part of America.

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