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Toddlers Can Rock a Touchscreen by How Young?

We've all seen it—our little ones grabbing our smartphones and figuring out how to unlock it, take a photo and maybe even post the picture on Facebook.

And that's even before they can master getting a spoon of oatmeal to their mouths without it dripping all over.

Turns out that, according to researchers, toddlers can master the swipe, unlock and search on a smartphone by age 2. (That's before most of them have even been potty trained!)

In a study from Cork University Hospital in Ireland, the authors found that despite previous warnings to parents about too much screen time, that "time spent on touchscreen devices could actually benefit (kids') development," the Daily Mail reports.

The researchers wrote that the interactivity on the devices was similar to other forms of play.

"Interactive touchscreen applications offer a level of engagement not previously experienced with other forms of media and are more akin to traditional play," the authors wrote.

While they found the interaction to be mostly positive, they also pointed out that there is currently "no regulation" of quality control when it comes to apps for toddlers and little kids.

Parents, they still need your help with that.

Image via Twenty20/darby

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