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Dad Designs Amazing 'Star Wars' Helmets for Son

One father in Missouri took the Force to a whole new level.

Jonathan Moxey's 1-year-old son Jack was diagnosed as an infant with craniosynostosis, a condition that affects his skull. From the time the little boy was 3 months old, according to Today.com, he needed to wear corrective helmets. He wore them until just before his first birthday this past summer.

Instead of simply going the plain, white route, Moxey decided to give the helmets a little Jedi-inspired flair.

So armed with paint pens, detailing tape and decals, Moxey got to work—and then posted the adorable results to Instagram.

​"We thought, this is the hand we've been dealt, we can take a very positive attitude about it, or we can be down about it," Moxey tells Today. "But the last thing we wanted was for someone to feel sorry for Jack, because we were very blessed."

And now our kids feel very jealous!

Image via Instagram/jmmoxey

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