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Pack an Extra Cooler: Vodka-Infused Freeze Pops Are Here for Summer!


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Listening to random children scream "Marco! Polo!" at the top of their lungs while sweating your butt off in the blistering sun—dodging splash bombs, super soakers and foam noodles—is no way for a mother to live. Kicking back with vodka-infused freeze pops, on the other hand, might make things a bit more tolerable.

Recently, Mom.me pulled up a virtual lounge chair next to Phil Hurley, originator/developer of the Slim Chillers products, including the Skinny Freezers sold at Costco.

Hurley says the idea came to him while looking for a way to "have an adult frozen cocktail without all the unforgiving calories—and still make it taste great, as well!"

Made with premium eight-times distilled, triple-filtered vodka, these 100-calorie frozen treats are exactly what the beach doctor ordered, and thanks to Costco's bulk-sized packaging, you can now buy them in packs of 12 for under $20.

Aside from taking up minimal space in your freezer, Skinny Freezers also come in four mouthwatering, low-calorie vodka martini flavors that will totally justify your Costco membership for the entire year.


A great way to kick-off the weekend! #vodka #martini #skinnyfreezers #slimchillers #appletini #cosmopolitan #lemondrop #memorialday #fun

The Cosmopolitan contains a mixture of cranberry, orange and a pinch of lime (gimme, gimme). The Watermelon Lemonade is a refreshing blend of yummy goodness. The Appletini, according to Hurley, is like "biting into a Granny Smith apple" with a twist of vodka. And lastly, Skinny Freezers' Lemon Drop is a 100-calorie citrusy vodka martini—served frozen, not stirred.

Though Skinny Freezers are fun and "all kinds of delicious," Hurley warns parents to be careful when storing.

"Make no mistake,” he says, “this is not child’s play!"

To play it safe, we recommend placing your pool stash in a separate cooler, so your kids don't accidentally mix them up with their Otter Pops (or vice versa).

If you’re curious, but not quite ready to bite the bullet on a Costco gold star membership ($60), you can also order online, but be ready to pay an extra $8 to $10 per 12-pack because this retailer isn’t offering the same deal.

Either way, these frozen cocktails are a great way to imbibe without having to do any dishes. Just be sure to keep them in a safe place to avoid any mishaps.

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