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How FLOTUS Became America's Most Embarrassing Mom

Photograph by Youtube

As any mother with kids over 10 knows, it requires little effort to be named Most Embarrassing Mom.

Most Embarrassing Mom is a team with thousands—millions?—of members. But it's also a team that has long needed a hero.

America, we have that hero.

The first lady of the United States, Michelle Obama.

We're sure she's been embarrassing her daughters Malia, 18, and Sasha, 16, for years. It's her most recent effort to use her platform for good that puts her in the top spot: team captain and America's mom hero.

Folks, she raps. About going to college.

Rhymes and moves and do-gooder messaging? Oh, FLOTUS, you're the best team captain we've ever had.

The rap and video are part of Michelle Obama's Better Make Room campaign, which encourages kids and teens to set a goal of furthering their education after high school. Her partner-in-mom-crime is Jay Pharaoh and the Gregory Brothers, who worked with College Humor to create video.

In rhymes and humor, and wearing an unprecedented for hip-hop wrap (rap?) dress, the first lady and Pharaoh list what you can do with a college degree (fly an airplane, study dinosaurs) and what you can do without a college degree (watch paint dry, watch grass grow).

Point taken. Cringes overcome.

Michelle Obama, you are an embarrassing mom—in a way all other mothers can only hope to be.

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