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Brooklyn Teen Murdered Mom, Then Partied in Times Square

A 15-year-old Brooklyn, N.Y., girl has been charged with the murder of her mother and her mother's boyfriend after confessing to police.

Police say Destiny Garcia shot her mother, 39-year-old Rosie Sanchez, in the chest multiple times, and shot her mother's boyfriend, 40-year-old Anderson Nunez, and stabbed him 30 times.

After the girl killed the pair on December 27, she continued to live with their decomposing bodies in the apartment for several days, even going out to party in Times Square on New Year's Eve with a friend as their bodies rotted at home.

The girl told police her mother had been physically abusive to her on at lease one previous occasion and that the boyfriend had repeatedly sexually abused her, but police say the murders were not committed in self-defense and other family members painted a different picture of the deceased couple. The boyfriend lived with the girl and her mother, according to police.

When neighbors in Sheepshead Bay learned the girl had been taken into custody for a double homicide, they were shocked. They told local news reporters that she had been a sweet girl and a social neighbor, always asking about the neighbors' kids.

After the couple hadn't been heard from in several days, worried family members led police to the apartment after the girl confessed to the murders while talking to a cousin. The police rushed to the scene, where they discovered a gruesome, bloody mess. Initially, police say the crime scene was so bloody, it was unclear how the victims died. Garcia's mother was found sitting in a chair in the kitchen, with multiple gunshot wounds to the chest, and Nunez was found face down with gunshot and stab wounds on the living room floor.

Investigators say they believe she may have gotten the illegal handgun from a 15-year-old boy, who they are still trying to locate. NYPD detectives chief Robert Boyce said at a news conference that Garcia will face charges as an adult on two counts of second-degree murder and criminal possession of a weapon, even though she's only 15. Police are not sure whether the girl committed the murders alone or what the motive might have been. A judge ordered Garcia to be held without bail.

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