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Equinox Breastfeeding Ad Milks Controversy

Luxury gym chain Equinox is sending shock waves around the world with their latest ad campaign. Shot by famed photographer Steven Klein, the ads all feature the tagline "Commit to Something" and feature various people going "all in" on whatever they've decided to commit to—being a cat lady, a male cheerleader or a breastfeeding mother. And it's the breastfeeding image in particular that's getting tongues wagging.

The controversial image features model Lydia Hearst (not yet a mother herself) dressed to the nines with her top lowered while she breastfeeds twins at what appears to be a super fancy restaurant. Her expression is regal and defiant at best, and cold at worst.

The photo was also shared to Equinox's Facebook page with the caption "Table for one. Dinner for three."

And the comments are all over the place.

There are the supporters thanking Equinox for normalizing breastfeeding and acknowledging the total commitment it is like one woman who gushes, "As a breastfeeding mama, I know that doing so is maybe one of the biggest commitments I have ever made with my body. Love it!"

Another explains what she believes to be the message behind the ad for us, "For many people, the guts it takes to nurse in public and stare down the face of public ridicule and shaming are the same guts it takes to put themselves in a gym vulnerably in front of others."

Then of course there are the naysayers calling the ad "disgusting," "offensive" and "absurd" or "One of the most distasteful ads I've ever come across!"

Either way, it appears to be a win for the company. As they say: No publicity is bad publicity.

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