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Baby's Umbilical Cord Spells Out 'Love'

We've heard of people eating their placentas and delaying umbilical cord cutting after birth, but this is the first time we've heard of someone spelling out a word with the baby's umbilical cord while it's still attached to the baby ... and the placenta.

Australian photographer and midwife Emma Jean Nolan captured this jaw-dropping shot of baby Harper about an hour and a half after he was born, and recently shared it on her Facebook page.

Nolan explains to the Daily Mail, "I decided to take this image of Harper as I wanted to show what a physiological birth looks like as most people have never seen a baby still connected to their placenta... It is generally discarded, ignored and considered disgusting. However, without the placenta, none of us would be here."

She shares that Harper's parents will be taking the placenta to bury on his grandfather's farm under a native tree—a common Maori tradition.

The response to Nolan's post has been primarily positive with other women sharing their own stories of burying their placenta.

And the photographer thinks there's a good reason this shot is resonating with so many people. "In a time when we are so disconnected from ourselves, our history and each other, the response to this image clearly shows that we all still crave a connection."

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Photograph by: Emma Jean Nolan

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