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Girl Who Lost Limb Gets Kitten Like Her

Scarlette Tipton lost an arm to cancer as an infant. Since then, her parents Simone and Matt have wanted to get her a pet that has the same type of physical challenge. And recently they did just that, according to Today.

The family out of Trabuco Canyon, California, has adopted a cat missing its front leg. They had wanted to bring a pet with an amputation into their home for months, but weren't sure how to find such a special animal. Then one day they turned on the news and saw the feline they were looking for.

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"We saw the kitten on the news. We never watch the news, but just so happened to have it on that day. This was a huge thing of fate in my opinion," said Simone Tipton.

Tipton said she immediately called the shelter where the 3-month-old kitten, named Doc, was being held and then drove two hours to the shelter to meet her.

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"On the day we met Doc for the first time, Scarlette noticed the staples and drain tube in her side and touched her gently and said, 'Owies?' I said, 'Yes, she has owies just like you do,'" Tipton said. "She placed her hand on her own amputated side and just nodded. She knows, despite her young age, that this particular cat is special to her."

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As Scarlette and Doc continue to bond, the little girl is growing up knowing that she isn't facing her challenge alone.

"We wanted to find a companion for Scarlette so she could grow up with someone similar to herself—not only so she can see that she's not the only one, but so she can grow stronger and learn how to cope just like her kitten does," Tipton said.

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Images via Simone Tipton

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