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Mom's Family Calls Her 'Overprotective and Crazy' for Stance on Photos

Photograph by Twenty20

Posting pictures of your kids on social media is a personal decision, but one mom says that her family has undermined her wishes and insists that she is being “overprotective and crazy” for not sharing photos of her baby on the internet.

Reddit user Bigbadmamabear recently posted a list of her reasons for not posting pictures of her daughter on social media, and it is sparking an important conversation with parents. Some of the reasons listed include:

"Her privacy and safety are of the utmost importance."

"She should have the right to choose what is posted about her when she is old enough to decide whether she wants to have an online presence or not."

"We don't want her to feel embarrassed or be ridiculed for something that was posted about her online."

"We don't want her to be subjected to judgment from our followers or whomever else can view her pictures."

Her privacy and safety are of the utmost importance.

The mother says that she has asked her family not to post any photos of her baby online without first asking permission but that her mother-in-law still posted a picture of her daughter, so they had to ask her to take it down.

This issue appears to be causing a rift in the family, and the mom who wrote the post says that even her own mother does not agree with her stance.

“My mom has even gone so far as to say that my daughter will think we don't love her because we didn't post about her on social media when she was younger," she explains.

The post is receiving a lot of attention from parents, and while many agree with her stance, other parents have listed their personal reasons for sharing photos of their kids online.

Reddit user Jaimacho says that without social media, “many of my family (members) wouldn’t be able to see my kids,” adding that she has family members “all over the world.”

Other parents posted that they had tried the “no photos on social media” stance with their first baby, but had given up by the time the next baby came along.

Another Reddit user, Zombreemccoy, commented, “We personally post lots of photos of our children online. That being said, you don’t have to justify yourself to anyone.”

Bottom line, it's up to the parents to make these decisions—and those decisions should be respected.

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