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Disney Princesses Breastfeeding in Public Is a Thing Now

Over the years, there have been numerous iterations of Disney Princesses being their non-traditional princess selves. From more realistic waistlines to different ethnicities, it seems we've just about seen it all—until now.

Breastfeeding in public has been a controversial issue of late and who better to share their take on it than the high priestesses of the animated kingdom? Buzzfeed illustrator Loryn Brantz decided to create these amazing images of princesses breastfeeding in public.

When your baby is screaming like a fish out of water, what choice do you have other than to feed your little one?

No more hiding on her magic carpet to feed her baby.

It's awesome when partners support public breastfeeding.

Finding clothes that make nursing super easy always feels like the find of the century.

If she can handle the Beast, she can definitely handle some stares while simply feeding her baby.

And if Disney princesses can breastfeed in public like royal bosses, why can't we?

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Images by: Loryn Brantz

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