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Mom Claps Back After Getting Question 'Every Woman Dreads'

Photograph by Laura Mazza

In a world where celebrities are posting postpartum photos featuring “barely there” protruding bellies, it’s no wonder that society has a messed-up view of what a woman looks like after giving birth. The reality is, postpartum looks different for everyone.

Mom of three Laura Mazza, of "Mum on the Run," says she was recently asked the question "every woman dreads" (when she is not pregnant): "When are you due?"

The popular blogger wrote about the event in a powerful Facebook post that has gone viral with over 800 shares and 4,000 reactions.

Photograph by Facebook

Mazza explains that she delivered her baby one month ago, but she still looks pregnant. I mean, don’t we all at that point? Mazza could have ripped into the woman questioning her, but instead replied, “October!” because, as she puts it, “I’m an idiot and didn’t want her to feel bad.”

"But you know what?" she writes, "I wasn’t upset. I wasn’t sad. I wasn’t embarrassed. I didn’t feel bad. I still look pregnant, and really, why the fuck wouldn’t I?" Mazza says that she "keeps having babies two years apart" and gets to the heart of what bringing a life into this world truly means.

"I’ve grown their bones, their eyes, their little noses and toes and I’ve created their little beautiful hearts. My organs squished down to allow them to grow and my muscles separated to let them grow bigger. I birthed them from my lady garden and my sun roof and I fed them from my body."

I’ve grown their bones, their eyes, their little noses and toes and I’ve created their little beautiful hearts.

According to Mazza, a friend of hers recently expressed to her that she was dissatisfied with her body three months after giving birth. "Why do I or she have to worry about hiding the evidence of all that we have achieved? All that we have made? Why should we feel bad? Why should anyone?" she asks.

After all, when it comes down to it, does it really matter? Mazza asks the question, "On our death beds, are we going to be talking about how we looked after giving birth, or are we going to be talking about the people we gave birth to?" Amen!

Mazza asks women everywhere to “embrace” the “delicious overhang.”

“It’s OK to want to change your body but don’t spend one more second hating it in the interim. It’s done something wonderful, it’s made life," she declares.

Women appear to be hearing her message loud and clear, if the comments on her post are any indication.

One commenter mentioned being pulled over recently and receiving a personal escort home because the cop observed that she “had a young baby and was pregnant,” when she was not actually pregnant at the time. But the woman took it all in stride.

“Most people get out of tickets with their boobs,” the commenter writes, adding, “Not me ... I use my gut”

How about we stick to this rule: Asking a woman if she is pregnant is never appropriate, unless that woman is currently giving birth.

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