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Mom Shares Onesie Hack You Didn't Know You Needed

Photograph by Stacy Augustyn

The struggle to keep the house even remotely organized is so real during the newborn days. How can you even think about laundry when there's another diaper to change? Well, thanks to a viral tip shared by a small-town mom, mothers of babies can at least have some breathing space in the onesie organization department.

Stacy Augustyn told Mom.me that she's always trying to find ways to make her home a little more organized (bonus points if it helps streamline her morning routine and makes laundry more manageable). The registered nurse, who works full-time, has had loads (literally, because laundry) of experience trying to figure out what to do with onesies after years of dealing with them as a mom of three.

Between the piles of onesies people gift you and the adorable ones you can't resist buying, your fast-growing baby ends up with so. many. options. And the onesies end up taking over way more closet space than you ever imagined, with some even rolled up in hanging shoe organizers.

For years, Augustyn has tried hanging onesies up individually or wadding them up in a basket. But nothing has worked.

After trying to drape multiple onesies over a hanger, but having them continuously fall off, the mom realized she could just flip the onesies upside down and snap them around the hanger. This new way of organizing has saved Augustyn a lot more time and frustration in the long run.

"I finally figured out how to hang onesies in a way that saves space and is organized in a way that I can quickly find what I am looking for in the morning. Woo-hoo!" she said. "Doesn't take much to please me … a little organization goes a long way!"

Photograph by Stacy Augustyn

She shared the organization hack on Facebook last week to help her friends with babies who are desperate for more closet space. (Plus, this way you can see the onesies individually, and the clothes are more likely to stay wrinkle-free!) The post has since gotten more than 167,000 shares from parents hoping to give the easy hack a go. Seriously, there's nothing to it. It's a snap.

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