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Sneaky Kid Orders $350 Worth of Toys on Her Mom's Amazon Account

Photograph by Twenty20

A Utah mom thought a Barbie doll would be a nice birthday gift for her daughter, Caitlin. But when the mom ordered it on Amazon (because we're all about that fast and easy shopping life), little did she know her 6-year-old had grander expectations.

Caitlin asked her mom if she could go back on Amazon to see when the package would arrive. It's a pretty reasonable request for an excited kid. Even adults refresh their pages constantly to see tracking updates when expecting a special package. The thing is, Caitlin had something more mischievous in mind when she got her hands on her mom's account.

The next day, when the Amazon delivery man arrived, Caitlin didn't just receive a box for her Barbie. She got boxes and boxes of gifts.

Just look at the little scammer's face (caught by her older cousin, Ria Diayolu) when the packages arrived.

Photograph by Twitter

"Her mom went on her Amazon account and saw three pages of things she had ordered," Diyaolu told Buzzfeed News. Apparently, the little girl had ordered $350 in toys, video games and board games while her mom wasn't looking. And she managed to select the one-day shipping option, too, leaving little time for her to get caught."

Yeah, huge parenting lesson here: Never leave your kids unattended with your Amazon account and set those parental controls. It doesn't matter how old your kids are—because those little tricksters are way more tech-savvy than you think.

Other parents responded to Diayolu's tweet and also shared their Amazon horror stories. One mom even said her son ordered a white comforter (maybe to sleep in the $400 bouncer he also ordered?).

There have also been stories of kids accidentally ordering things on Alexa, like this kindergartener who was talking to Alexa about a dollhouse and cookies, and ended up with more than $160 KidKraft Sparkle Mansion dollhouse and 4 pounds of sugar cookies. The kindergartener's parents learned their lesson and have now activated parental controls requiring a four-digit code for purchases.

As for Caitlin, the lucky girl hasn't been grounded for her click-happy purchases. But she is banned from the internet for a month, and everything but the Barbie will be returned.

You tried, girl. You tried.

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