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Woman Yells at Dad for Trying to Change His Baby's Diaper in the Family Room

Photograph by Twenty20

Sarah Fa'avale is fuming after hearing about how her husband, Tua, was kicked out of a parents' room last week.

She and Tua were at the mall, ordering a new car seat for her 3-month-old daughter, Tahani, when their baby started making the all too familiar poop face. While the New Zealand mom finished up the order, Tua took Tahani to the parents' room, similar to family rooms in the U.S., to change her diaper.

Unfortunately, the dad's first time trying to use a parents' room in a mall went horrifically.

As he tried to enter, a mom who was already in the room refused to let him in and yelled, "Um, excuse me! You can’t go in there. There (are) moms in there!" according to a Facebook post Sarah wrote after the incident.

Tua, shocked and upset, didn't want to cause a scene in front of the children. He went back to Sarah so that she could change the baby's diaper.

"All this time she was sitting in her poos!" Sarah wrote. "I am fuming!!!! 😤 I just can’t believe some people!!! We are in 2018!!! I am absolutely gobsmacked that in this day and age a new father can’t change his own daughters nappy in a PARENTS Room!????"

By the time the family returned to the parents' room, the woman was no longer there. Sarah had hoped to talk to the other mom.

The parents also contacted management at Queensgate Shopping Center to place a complaint. They told the New Zealand Herald that the staff was very apologetic and quick to respond. Management couldn't locate the woman who stopped Tua from entering, but they are putting up new signs to ensure it's clear that any parent or caregiver looking after small children are welcome to use the room.

Sarah is sharing her and her husband's story in hopes that people will see how often these things happen and speak up. Since the incident, many dads have come forward and shared similar stories.

"It’s shocking to hear how common it actually is that they are getting verbally abused or having dirty glares thrown their way just for being a good father and looking after their babies," Sarah wrote in an update. "Let’s break the stigma and back our dads!"

Last year, another incident made headlines when a dad was called a "sicko" for changing his son's diaper also in a family room. As the dad was about to leave mid-change, another mom in the room backed him up and encouraged him to finish changing his son.

"How to Dad" creator Jordan Watson made a video in response to Sara and Tua's story, describing what parents' rooms are and how outrageous the situation was.

"We're not coming in to peek at a bit of side boob," he said, in response to the glares dads sometimes get. "We've got a poonami that's bursting at the banks. We're trying to get in, get to the change table and get out."


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